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Merlin Susan

Counselling Psychologist

Merlin has done her post-graduation in Counselling Psychology and since then has been working with teens and young adults. Helping them with Stress Management, Personal Growth, Communication and Relationship Skills, Modification of Dysfunctional Beliefs and Behaviour patterns, and Enhancing Coping Skills to meet life's challenges.  
She currently works as a student counselor in Bangalore. 

In her words,

"It's heartwarming to witness broken hearts heal & lives change!  Everyone needs someone to Listen with ears wide open & no judgments, so reach out & don't hesitate."

Reeba Varghese.jpeg

Reeba Varghese

Counselling Psychologist

Reeba Varghese has done her post-graduation in clinical psychology and diploma in pastoral counseling. For the past 10 years, she has been working with children, adolescents and adults on emotional, psychological, and relational difficulties.

She believes that

“an ear to listen and unconditional acceptance is all that we need to help someone.”


Blessy Princy Lenin

Counselling Psychologist

Blessy has over a decade of experience in the field of mental health and currently is the Clinical Team Lead at WorkPlace Options Canada.


She holds a Master of Science in Psychology and is currently a PhD scholar researching counselling experiences of counsellors who deal with the victims of child sexual abuse in India, which was inspired while working with an anti-human trafficking organization. Blessy also has experience with teaching Psychology and Counselling at the collegiate level.

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Hanna Abraham

Speech-language - Pathologist

Hannah holds a master's degree in audiology and speech-language pathology and has been a pediatric speech-language pathologist in Bangalore for the past five years.


She advocates for the rights of those with disabilities and works to encourage inclusion in a variety of fields. She also works with young people to discover their problems and help them become better humans. She organizes youth-oriented events and frequently volunteers her time to a variety of charitable causes

Jinu _edited.jpg

Jinu B Thayil

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Jinu has a Master's degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She has worked as a professor in Counselling for different colleges and institutions. She has a rich experience in personal one-on-one counselling and therapy sessions, which included but are not limited to family counselling,pre-marital counseling, grief counselling, behavioural therapy, among others. 

She also holds a Bachelor's in Divinity from Sehrampore University.

With a passion for counselling,

Jinu believes it is her calling to change people's lives for the better and to help them live the best version of themselves that they are called to be.

Esther Merin Charly_edited.jpg

Esther Merin Charly

Educational Psychologist

Esther has done her post-graduation in Educational Psychology and since then has been working with children, teens and young adults. Helping them with School-based and developmental issues related to school performance and adjustment, Assessing emotional, learning, and behavioral needs of students, Learning disabilities, and coping strategies, for children and teenagers who have low self-esteem or need extra help in learning to deal effectively with difficult circumstances, Communication and Relationship Skills.

She currently works as a Student Counselor and Teacher in Bangalore.


Lydia Raju


Lydia owns a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. Her experience includes equipping children, teens, and young adults with important skill set such as problem-solving, stress management, emotional regulation, self-awareness, communication and relationship skills, and so on; to face challenges and opportunities more positively and efficiently. She also has experience conducting workshops and designing skill-based sessions for different age groups. 

She believes

"helping others learn the right skills and guiding them to consciously use these life skills can help one come far in life much more smoothly."

Image by Marvin Meyer


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